Bathtub Reglazing Before and After

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Bathtub reglazing is an excellent, cost-effective way to restore your old worn out tub, by applying a new glaze finish over the surface of your existing tub. The reglazing process is faster, not to mention much cleaner, than traditional bathroom renovations.

We can reglaze most kinds of tubs - fiberglass, plastic, porcelain, and cast-iron, as well as shower stalls and ceramic tiles - and in all ranges of conditions.

In addition to reglazing ceramic tiles, we can regrout them and even update the colors.

We provide free estimates for all tubs and showers, with our prices starting at:

  • $395 for bathtubs
  • $475 for stand up showers
  • $595 for tub shower units

*Plus Tax
*Rates may vary based on age and condition of tub/shower.

Save yourself the hassle of tearing out your old tub – reglaze it instead!